Monday, November 9, 2009

Table made by Lua script

Our contributor Cris did a great job showing his success with Naro and stressing Naro's capabilities.

There are created a lot of shapes, there and stressing both 2D and basic operations like Extrude in it.

At the end it creates a table which can be seen here. Also there is a 3D transparent view of it. This was done somehow easier as I could filter the extrudes and setup transparency for make this view.

See bellow and hope you like it:


nicholassimon said...

If you are interested in 3D modelling software for free then check out this post here for a comprehensive list of free software for working with 3D:

bxtrx said...

Hi Nicholas,

Let's hope that very soon on the top of that list near Google Sketchup will be also our project NaroCAD. It's free and started to have some quite powerful tools.