Thursday, November 12, 2009

Editing shapes for remaining shapes

Was fixed an thrown exception on the yesterday's code. Editing for 2D shapes is reviewed and made more compact. By this all shapes excluding cerc and ellipse (which depends on non point editing). Cerc editor was implemented by bxtrx. As of next week we will target bugs, I will try to target bugs tomorrow too.


murd said...

I haven't been able to boot NaroCAD. I'm using WindowsXP. Console reports that init.tcl isn't found in any of a number of folders. Any thoughts?

ciplogic said...

Hi murd,

Thank you for your feedback. This problem seems uncommon to me. Just if you want to give more feedback on this issue please write me email to ciprian.mustiata (at> gmail (dot> com

The file you've said is in OpenCascade distribution under: 3rdparty\win32\tcltk\lib\tcl8.4\init.tcl

Just if you will email me (or add me to skype if you have it as ciprian.mustiata) I will give to you this file and see if this solves your problem.

See you around,

murd said...

Ciprian, I downloaded and installed NaroCAD to my older laptop, also running XP. NaroCAD loads correctly on that machine. Then I went looking for the file, init.tcl, and search didn't find it at all on the laptop. I don't understand it, but I'm happy to be able to learn the program and see the good things you're doing.