Thursday, November 26, 2009

Multi-File bug reports and cleaning file management

The last release included auto-save support enabled by default. For simplify developers work, this autosaved file was sent as a bug report. Even is great for developers that gets more information to reproduce your problem, you may have cases when your don't want to report what you work with Naro. Or another case, you want to show a specific screenshot or extra logging (a virus maybe :) ). For both of those cases it was implemented.

Step and Brep formats are setup out of Save/Open entries. Save to Step have the following behavior: if you have selected a shape, it will save only it to Step, elsewhere it will save the entire scene.

I will try to solve the issues of Updater to make easier to users to upgrade their machines. I will try to make also a nightly build repository that you can test all Blog/SVN builds and you can drive with your feedback as did murd the last day.

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