Saturday, November 28, 2009

Inherited Copy and what it means

To Copy/Paste a shape a Control+C/Control+V sequence works as expected: your source copy and the destination shape are separate entities, and the destination is a clone of the source. This means that you can save a part of your work when you have shapes that are similar. This is good in your design work but there are some use-cases that this design is far from perfect.
For those cases enters Inherited Copy. An inherited copy is shape that clones a source shape but all changed attribute are overridden to the source.

Let's expain with a simple case: lets take a shape S that have attributes: A, B, C (like color, transparency, transform, etc.). We clone with Reference Copy. Let's name this shape D (D comes from destination). When you change in S attributes A, B or C, they apply to shape D automatically. But if you change ever any of D attributes, like supposedly B, the following changes of S.B will not change D.B, only S.A and S.C.

It's easy? Isn't so?

To create inherited clones, just use Control + Shift + V.

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