Monday, November 16, 2009

Closed Iteration

Closed Iteration 1.9. The finished tasks on this iteration are:

- Added editing with Drag and drop for 2D shapes. When no tool activated when clicking Line, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Arc, Spline marker points appear and can be dragged with the mouse,
- Implemented Chamfer 3D to be applied on solids, Chamfer 2D to be applied on wires,
- Implemented diameter and length Dimensions,
- Implemented pattern repeat. A shape can be repeated and rotated a number of times having a guideline,
- Implemented Mirror relative to a line and to a point,
- Improved the error logging all errors are logged with log4net,
- Stabilized the intersection algorithm and data tree structure. Undo, Redo, Save, Open are fixed.

Will continue with a week of bug fixing and if no major bugs found will make a release version or at least a build.

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