Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Export to step working

Exporting a specific shape to Step is supported right now. In this way the Step format is supported at the OpenCascade level of supporting of save/import. Combined with work of yesterday, you will be able to work with Step seamless.

I will work to improve the editing component to make possible to make precise point editing.


murd said...

this is a good improvement, but narocad isn't recognising the short .stp form of attachment for .step, nor the shorter .brp for .brep. Both open properly once the attachment's been changed, but they're not visible in the target folder unless they already have been. An "all files" category would also display them. Good work, guys.

ciplogic said...

Thank you murd for your feedback. It will be fixed I hope in today time (in SVN, so you will need to wait for next installer version).