Thursday, November 19, 2009

Auto save enabled

NaroCAD is a software product in intensive development, so many features may be experimental and you may be the unlucky person that Naro will crash in the middle of your work. We never want that but it will be great if you will have a previous state. Also, bug reporting can be enriched if you can send your document you worked on.

Auto saving your work is done at every step so you will have an autosave.naroxml file that store your entire scene, in your running Naro folder.

AutoSave makes possible to expose to user in bug reporting the document he worked on. This can be more intuitive for developers when we try to reproduce crashes/bugs. This feature will be enabled from the next release (1.2.1), so is just another reason to try the latest Naro and give your feedback.

Also the tools like NaroLinker, NaroUpdater were reviewed today. NaroLinker have a bug actually that do stop to add classes and I was not able yet to fix it.

The next days I will try to improve the update concept, can be improved to make a save only once at some minutes, also, some testing will not trouble anyone for this new code.

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