Monday, November 30, 2009

I have eventually net

I eventually got (broadband) internet after three months of waiting. In the meantime I did wait a bureaucratic papers to make it their ways to break around 50 meters of wiring in a public section. In the meantime I used mobile internet. Jumping to mobile internet I found a lot of persons that really have not access to broadband internet and what it means. Not because I don't know it, but sometimes is simply not feasible to think on some procedures without thinking on that users.

Today I did did worked on update and seems to work but I will test it and I hope by tomorrow to make an nightly build with Update activated. By this it will be created most probably two builds: nightly build and a stable build. The nightly build will be updated nightly and the updates will make you to have a blog-to-date fixed version. Also, the updates will be changes day by day so you will not download all days the OCC distribution so it will be the recommended build for you if you care on your last features are on blog. But more on this when the nightly build will be posted.

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