Friday, November 20, 2009

NaroCAD 1.2 Released!

Uploaded on Sourceforge the NaroCAD 1.2 version. It can be downloaded from here.

In 1.2 version compared to the 1.2 RC1 version enabled a new functionality: recovery functionality in case of a crash.


murd said...

The crash recovery appears to work well, but there still isn't an obvious way (to me, at least) to begin a new file. When I restart and am asked if I want to continue the last session and refuse, the new modeling environment file doesn't have the plane faces on beginning. Why?

murd said...

I reported to Ciprian a week or so ago that NaroCAD refused to initialise on a newish spec Windows desktop I own, while it worked on an older, slower laptop. It occurred to me ten minutes ago that the older laptop has Microsoft's .NET framework installed, and that the newer machine hadn't. After downloading the framework to the desktop, NaroCAD now loads. I'm satisfied.

bxtrx said...

Hi murd,

I am glad that you use and test NaroCAD.

The recovery mode is scheduled to be improved in next week and the improved version will be probably released in about 3 weeks. It was added to 1.2 release as it is an important feature. Good point with the observation related to beginning a new file.

It's great that you succeeded to start the application on the desktop computer. I'll add a software requirements document to the installer.