Monday, July 13, 2009

Started Iteration 1.2

Started the Iteration 1.2. Among the tasks proposed to be solved during this iteration are scheduled the following:

- finish all the 2d primitives: remained to implement drawing spline, polyline and infinite line,
- improve the property grid to display info that has composed elements like the three elements dx, dy, dz that compose a translation,
- finish boolean operations and their descriptors,
- finish sphere realtime drawing and descriptors,
- finish translation using the mouse and descriptors,
- implement copy paste,
- toolbar hider: possibility to configure which toolbars should be hidden and which visible,
- finish drawing 3d primitives: sphere, box, cylinder, cone,
- improve delete. Currently the deleted shapes are hidden, the shapes that are not referenced by other shapes should be removed completely,
- fix reported bugs.


geo01005 said...

I downloaded the install off of sourceforge and when I tried to run it is said the file was corrupted. Looks like a good project.

bxtrx said...


Thank you for pointing to the problem.

I tried to download and install the file and it worked properly. But I noticed a problem that it doesn't start when launched from Start->All Programs (this launches NaroStarter.exe that launches NaroCad.exe). It only works when launching NaroCAD.exe from the installation folder.

Could you please provide us more details about the hardware and software configuration of your system?

Meanwhile we will investigate the problem and try to solve it fast.

Thank you,