Thursday, July 30, 2009

Basic constraints support

Right now you can setup two kinds of constraints and in work will be the third.

The first two are for every shape that have a double/real field, you can set a fixed value/or a range for it. Setting this constraint will make ignore any setup like property grid, etc.

For now the code have some limitations and the point that need to follow other point of other shape is not implemented. So, I will go to address them. The interesting part is also that the constraint dialogs can locate fields based on scanning shape dependencies making more easier for user to pick their wanted dimension.

The constraints in themselves works like a shape that observe other shapes (like for example: extrude), amd it tries to check if the constraints are met, and if they are not, it tries to correct them.

In the next day(s) I will try to stabilize the code and to find any other potential problems. Also constraints are not visible right now in the object list being experimental feature. Very soon you will get them more usable from user point of view but the concept is working.

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