Thursday, July 16, 2009

setup improvements

Worked at investigating and fixing the setup issues, it seems to be better now. Tomorrow will make again the 1.0.1 release version and upload it on Sourceforge. Next week at the end of the iteration (if possible sooner) will also start preparing the 1.0.2 release, among the new features will be new ellipse drawing circle shape, spline, 3D primitives like box, cylinder, cone, sphere, boolean operations like cut, fuse, intersect, transformations like translate, functionality fixes.

Investigated also on the OpenCascade transformation bug. Tried to translate shapes using gp_Trsf and gp_GTrsf and found out that at least for translations gp_Trsf doesn't have this bug. Devast will investigate further if it is possible to implement the other transformations we need like rotations and scaling with gp_Trsf instead of gp_GTrsf. Another issue encountered in Naro with gp_GTrsf translated shapes was that the face picker code wasn't detecting the shapes, the picker detects the shapes translated with gp_Trsf.

The translation code:

OCgp_Trsf trsf = new OCgp_Trsf();
trsf.SetTranslation(new OCgp_Vec(mouseData.Point.X() - _deltaTranslate.X(), mouseData.Point.Y() - _deltaTranslate.Y(), mouseData.Point.Z() - _deltaTranslate.Z()));
var myBRepTransformation = new OCBRepBuilderAPI_Transform(shape, trsf, true);

OCTopoDS_Shape TransformedShape = myBRepTransformation.Shape();

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