Monday, July 27, 2009

Started iteration 1.03

Started the Iteration 1.03. Among the tasks proposed to be solved during this iteration are scheduled the following:
- Add Cut to depth, improve the current Cut functionality,
- Improve geometric solver and magic points,
- Improve command line, add commands for all shapes,
- Improve application usability,
- Fix the synchronicity between transformations and shape center/location,
- Add two new features: revolve, sweep,

As a lower priority tasks would be:
- Implement constraints, dimensions,

The tasks made during the previous iteration and also released as version 1.0.2:

- Added an Option Dialog to add remove the toolbars,
- Added transform operations: from property grid on each object can be set Translate on x, y, z axis, Rotate around x, y, z axis using also a pivot point, Scale. Translation can be done also using the mouse,
- Added new shapes: circle and spline,
- Reimplemented the ellipse so that the first click is the ellipse center,
- Implemented copy paste,
- Added 3d shapes: Sphere, Cylinder, Cone,
- Added boolean operations: Boolean cut, Boolean fuse, Boolean intersect,
- Improved the installer and the NaroStarter (the tool that among other functionality catches the errors and logs them on Sourceforge),
- Added at the geometric solver detection of parallel lines.


Dave said...

I have been looking for a program that I can use to model the cutting operations of a milling machine.

My preivious attempts at this ran into OC performance problems - which leads me to the first question:
1) when you added the boolean operations, did you include the boolean operation performance improvements from Roman Lygin
(see )
or are you using just the stock OC libraries?

2) when you implement sweep, I would love to have the ability to sweep an object that is fixed in orientation wrt to a coordinate axis. A common example would be sweeping a cylinder along a path while the cylinder is constrained to be parallel to the Z axis (this would be typical for a vertical rotating cutter)


bxtrx said...

Hi Dave,

1.) We are using the stock OCC libraries because we are currently focusing on making Naro work properly and have quite complete functionality. Probably in 1-2 months after we will have the application in a good shape we will also work at replacing the OCC libraries with improved ones using patches from Roman Lygin, Salome project and other contributors.

2.) Thank you for the suggestions regarding sweep. We are working on the current iteration at adding constraints and sweep and will consider your use case. If you have any other improvement suggestions we would be more than glad to know them.


Dave said...

Thanks for considering the sweep constraints - I'll cross my fingers < grin >