Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boolean Add is done but are some issues

Boolean Add is done. Seems to work well but are problems udatting the tree. The shapes should be dissapear from tree as they get unified. After I will figure out why it does not work, the rest of remaining boolean operations will be done right away (excluding naming, it differs only by setting one integer for corresponding operation).

Circle action was added also.

Hopefully I will create action for the rest of shapes that have been created underlined model shapes. NaroCAD (and OpenCascade) have to be defined both visual shapes and topological shapes. Right now the topological shapes are created, excluding the polyline. The design issue that have to handle dinamically a different dependency count was made part of spline topological shape. So hopefully very soon will be both there as actions also.

Hopefully tomorrow I will put some screenshots.

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