Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Released Naro 1.0.2

The new features added at version 1.0.2 are:

- Added an Option Dialog to add remove the toolbars,
- Added transform operations: from property grid on each object can be set Translate on x, y, z axis, Rotate around x, y, z axis using also a pivot point, Scale. Translation can be done also using the mouse,
- Added new shapes: circle and spline,
- Reimplemented the ellipse so that the first click is the ellipse center,
- Implemented copy paste,
- Added 3d shapes: Sphere, Cylinder, Cone,
- Added boolean operations: Boolean cut, Boolean fuse, Boolean intersect,
- Improved the installer and the NaroStarter (the tool that among other functionality catches the errors and logs them on Sourceforge),
- Added at the geometric solver detection of parallel lines,
- Made many fixes at the previous functionality.

Attached also a screenshot with NaroCad 1.0.2 and a shape drawn with it.

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