Thursday, July 23, 2009

Code improvement

This week will close the iteration 1.2. No new features will be added, will work at improving, fixing, finishing and stabilizing the current code. Started fixing the transformation operations. Will make also some code refactorings and cleanup.

Implemented a marker class that displays magic points that are not affected by the zoom. The solution found was the following:

var _marker = new OCAIS_Point(new OCGeom_CartesianPoint(x, y, z));
OCAIS_Drawer drawer = _marker.Attributes();
// Set marker type, color, Scale
drawer.SetPointAspect(new OCPrs3d_PointAspect(OCAspect_TypeOfMarker.Aspect_TOM_BALL, Color, 1.3));
// Show the marker and deactivate selection on it
context.Display(_marker, updateViewer);

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