Sunday, July 19, 2009

Options dialog working

Options dialog is working. The made framework around it, can show/hide the toolbars depends of your usage. But the design follow two principles:
- it uses NaroCAD document system, so the options can be saved to an XML file, can store custom data, even a shape. So Apply is equivalent with Document.Commit, and the Cancel button is the same with Document.Revert
- it is made to be customizable and user friendly. This is done by letting you to create any UserControl and you will get the associated document node section where you can setup any structure you will want.

The current design only just works but miss some functionality, like you cannot filter the sections you can have around. The scope of it is to prove that the current design works and will most likely be included in 1.0.2 as it will make to user more easy to hide the corresponding toolbars

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