Monday, February 1, 2010

State pattern porting

After implementing the Rectangle tool with States pattern (tool that has 3 points as dependencies) ported the Circle tool to State pattern (tool that receives as inputs an axis that defines the location and orientation and a radius). Almost finished also porting the Extrude tool to States and started porting also the booleans. Planning tomorrow to finish porting all these tools that are covering the major situations encountered among the tools. The porting of other tools should be faster as they are similar to the tools above. While developing these also improved/fixed the code from command line action implemented with States.

Meanwhile my colleague made progresses at adding styles for the WPF elements, this should allow easy change of layout and colors for any component. Hoping by the end of the week to replace also the tree view list with its WPF component for each we already have some code finished. After these will remain to port the property grid control and the OpenCascade OpenGL control.

Latest screenshot:

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