Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post Beta Fixes

There is a nice as concept bug that was happening when working with Options dialog. This bug was fairly strange as if you will get am error like: "Cannot show page WizardStartPage because is already disposed" and was an Windows.Forms error.
This bug was not found in previous builds (previous from WPF refactor) as the Options wdialog was setup in a singleton and closing the dialog did internally a hide. Right now this dialog was recreated.

How Options dialog worked firstly: the Options dialog was a host and there is an Options' manager that delegate the options changing to custom pages. So the Options Host (the dialog) asks a page from Options Manager and displays it on it's section. So at the end it just happen that the host dialog should dispose the Options Manager page when it host that page. Did you lost the track? It's ok... I've did it for some times before I've found what was the cause.

Also a small fix is in installer as it propose to you to create a desktop icon to start the application. At the end you are proposed to start NaroCAD from installer.

Note: I'm trying to investigate the NGen issue so this (nightly) build will have NGen enabled. NGen precompile .NET assemblies and it will reduce the startup time enough much to worth the effort to be enabled. If you will get issues (like mouse will stop working, or UI freezes), please run this command as administrator (if you use Vista/Windows 7, press start, write cmd, and write click on the first result and chose "Run as Administrator"): "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen.exe uninstall C:\NaroCAD\AppShell.exe" to revert those changes. The ngen call is queued, meaning that you're up to go from the time installer finish, but the compiling will be done in background just to not annoy you waiting some minutes at the end of installer.

As usually, download the nightly build from here.

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