Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Line normal/parallel to plane tool

Today finished porting the line parallel to plane and line normal to plane to meta tools. They work both from command line and mouse, also display hints.

Improved the Extrude meta tool but it still has some bugs to fix.
Tomorrow will continue with porting the 3D solids (sphere, cone, etc) to meta tools, hope to finish them in 2 days and get ready for the end of week beta release.


architect Adrian Crisan said...

I'm following the development of this open source package and it is very interesting for me as an architect and supporter of Open Source community. Is there a place we can discuss ideas, suggestions, etc. that hopefully will improve NaroCAD. I'm no programmer, but end user, so I can help by making suggestions. And BTW what Naro stands for?

ciplogic said...

Hi Adrian,

There are more ways to give suggestions. The public way for now is the Sourceforge's forum (even most of the time are talked just bugs, you can stand with your own topics and we will answer or as you did it already, here).
Also, just if you will want to talk directly just to explain in detail an use-case/bug/etc. you can do it either by email (you can email me as ciprian.mustiata at gmail dot com) or add me by skype (under the same name: ciprian.mustiata) if you will want an IM talk.

In this way I think it will reduce the time you will get answers.

Honestly I don't know the real meaning of word Naro, but for me the project was very interesting programming wise, and even is a small project, I can argue that is one of the most clean and nice written projects on the same size both because we used .NET and we tried to stay up-to-date as of today.

So I kindly hope for any of your feedback or just to test the releases and find an issue that do not match your expectations. I will be glad to fix it.