Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going to Vienna and some impressions

I was away for around 10 days but I want in special to share some of the very great impressions I had there. Firstly is very cold. Not as in Siberia. But for certain for me was a drop in temperatures from around 10 degrees to -10 degrees (Celsius) as I went from Madrid to Vienna.
What you will find there are great places as Schoenbrunn palace and park, great museum of Natural Science.
German is everywhere but knowing to say Danke (thanks) is nice and you have a lot of people recommending to you popular foods like schnitzel.
Was also an occasion to see my twin brother and my 3 months old nice.
I really hope that if you are in a trip and you don't know what to see, to try to take some time to see Vienna.
Getting back I am getting prepared to add new great things to Naro so stay tuned!

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