Friday, February 19, 2010

Bug Fixing and Continuous Integration (or almost)

NaroCAD is a 32 bit application just because it depends on OpenCascade on 32 bits build. As most of you have a Windows on 32 bits, they will not notice that are build problems if you have a Windows 64 machine. Most of problems will not appear on Visual Studio for the very simple reason that Visual Studio (at least Express version) is a 32 bits application and also it defaults on 32 bits. SharpDevelop (my IDE of choice) is a 64 bit application (because is a .NET application) but because it rely on a 32 bits debugger you will have to setup at least for the startup project a configuration just for 32 bits one. Things get really ugly when you want to use MSBuild build system (that is provided with .NET) and MSBuild as SharpDevelop is a 64 bit .NET program and gets a lot of abnormalities with mixed configurations.

I and bxtrx spend a lot of the start of the day to target those issues and eventually we solve them. The benefit of this project is really simple: we can automate the build, the installer and to upload the build. In fact as I write this blog, the build happens as it update the latest svn snapshot, revert (just in case) local changes, it runs a release build, it runs some tests (a subpart of our NUnit test suite), it creates the installer (just in case all previous things pass successfully) and upload to FTP.

I've also solved a bug that values set from command line do not update the seen shape. With all that things done, was a nice progress day.

So you can download it as usual as a nightly build.

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