Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Command Line prototype working

Splitting commands in states give to user two benefits:
- it can give local help for user like: please input the next coordinate
- it can make a command line to be consistent and to extract information regarding your used command

As of the latest change the command line works with simple commands to fill the points for line and to execute empty commands.
The code have still too much dependencies from my taste but is a fully working concept where the user can introduce coordinates both via mouse clicks and command line. This may be found interesting when you work with tools like extrude or fillet, where mouse may not be that precise, but picking of the shape may be wanted to be done manually.
This makes to fix some bugs like: when you start typing a command, the command line action was not activated. Also, state actions that were depending on inputs, may have problems to not get initial data. As those changes are fixed, probably other related bugs may be fixed too.

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