Monday, February 8, 2010

Meta Animations

Worked at using the State code on Meta Commands (commands supporting integration with command line).
The two functions that I needed to be supported were to be able to add additional animations while drawing shapes and to be able to implement a more than trivial custom animation at any tool overriding the generic provided one.

After a few code adjustments succeeded to implement an animation at rectangle drawing that shows realtime the length of the segment drawn. To implement this I also added a new Dimension function that draws a dimension between two points. This will be added also as tool as it might be useful on scene drawing.

Still couldn't implement on the new Meta Commands for Extrude a custom animation that duplicates the existing one. Solved a mouse point retrieving issue, still need to improve the drawing code.

From this week testing intensified on the current functionality, the bugs started flowing. We should be able to solve by the end of the week at least the critical ones.

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