Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tag Editing Dialogs

Tag editing was a discussed topic in previous blog items, but how Naro implements it?

There are two dialogs: the tag editor dialog (on the right) and the shape tag editor. To enable/disable a tag is just simply to select in the tag editor list box. Going out of this dialog it will update automatically the view. The dialogs were made to reduce the click count, so this is why we remove the "Apply, OK, Cancel" buttons as they will only increase the click count (excluding you don't press OK all the time).

Just in case you've added an extra tag by mistake, simply do an Undo and you will get back to work. You've added tags but you want to see whole scene? Go to Tag Editor and unselect all fields. By doing this, all shapes are shown, regardless of tag(s).

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