Friday, August 14, 2009

The 1.0.3 release version postponed

Looking at the many functions that need to be added and also at the amount of fixes that we have to add we decided not to hurry with making a new release and leave the release for the beginning of September. On this release we should have a stable version including most of the usual 2D shapes finished, most of the usual 3d shapes finished, most of the Features working ok (extrude, cut, sweep/pipe, revolve), command line and scripting updated for all these.


branco said...

Hello , please look at my comment in the FreeCAD project forum : . The project looks more advanced than NaroCAD , has more active developers , wants to do mostly the same thing except with Qt and python instead of .NET and C# and has a wider visibility online among CAD enthusiasts . Anyway I think only one CAD project based on OpenCascade can succeed and the other will fade away .

ciplogic said...

Hi Branco,

I did answer with my take at your post.