Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lua integration done, almost

A good advice regarding scripting was that instead to use a special language invented only for Naro, to use Lua. This seems a good idea, and Lua was integrated. It can be run Lua. Lua in fact was very easy to be integrated to do some custom code in your application. For now the problem is integrating with NaroCAD. Lua as interpreter doesn't know about CLI types as it has it's own separate type system. It doesn't even have objects. Still is very easy to understand and use. Also, it have no clear way to show you errors as do IronPython. In case of missbehaving IPy application, IPy will throw a C# exception that can be displayed consistently. In the same way, I cannot map yet the I/O to Lua yet. I still look to understand the ongoing work

All work is done using Lua interface project. The solution is most probably to map the shape creation to Lua using functions. I did not found a easy factory like solution but I still thinking.

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