Monday, August 31, 2009

Lua in action!

Lua was tweaked to export Sinus and Cosinus functions to make rounded profile. Also by adding those it was added a small script to create a gear as a small test.

Hopefully you will like at least how it looks and you will create scripts to create more complex shapes.


Bennai said...

Hello ,I am a computer sciences student and I am working on a small application in c# using the NaroCad Wrapper, so I want to display a text in a 3d view, in c++ I use the function “Displaypoint” but I think it isn’t wrapped, so I hope that you can help me to do the same with the OCwrapper.
i want also to congratulate you for this project.
Thank you

bxtrx said...


I think by "DisplayPoint" you mean the method implemented in the OpenCascade sample codes in mfc\01_Geometry\src\GeomSources.cpp that draws a 2D text on a 2D View. That is not part of the OpenCascade engine and for sure it is not wrapped, you have to implement it yourself in C#.
Some sample codes using 2D drawing are in \trunk\narocad\Source\Sketcher\Sketcher\Modifiers\, look at DrawLine.cs. Currently in NaroCad we discountinued 2D drawing and moved everything on 3D.

Best regards,

Bennai said...

thank you very much, i will try to implement it in C#, good continuation.