Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Command line refactor (part I)

Command line had some limitations that are gonna to be removed or at least most of them

One of them was the fact that any command that succeeds goes to history. So if you were an user you will see see commands like refresh command in log which increase without use the verbosity.

Other one is that the code completion was Unix's bash like and the completion key was space. In the attached image you may see the old way compared with the new one.

Other limitation is that when you define a shape you cannot use another shape, and is critical when will be made the boolean operation command line. The scanner have other small touch too, meaning that it will be aware if a space is at the end of the command line, so it will be able to highlight correctly the hinted word.

There are some regressions for the moment, so there is a need to wait one day more.

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