Monday, August 10, 2009

Started iteration 1.0.4

Today started the Iteration 1.0.4. On Thursday planned to make the 1.0.3 release version.

The functionality planned to be implemented in the current iteration (1.0.4):
- Improve the command line: have commands for all functions, add help,
- Scripting improvement,
- Implement revolve and sweep,
- Implement Arc, Axis, Infinite line,
- Improve geometric solver and magic points,
- Linear and circular feature pattern, repeating a shape using a function,
- Bug fixing.

Functionality implemented in the previous iteration (1.0.3):
- Added Cut to depth,
- Added more commands to the command line,
- Fixed the synchronicity between transformations and shape center/location,
- Implemented constraints (fixed size constraint, range size constrained, location constraint),
- Added Group/Ungroup, functionality that makes a face from wires by grouping them,
- Implemented AutoGroup, automatically closed wires are detected and generated a
face from them (with three lines a rectangle face can be generated),
- Implemented interactive help,
- Toolbar improvements, similar shapes grouped,
- Undo/Redo with history list,
- Improved and optimized the shape delete code,
- File header cleanup.

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