Monday, August 3, 2009

Small annyances removed

NaroCAD have some annoyances that were mostly addressed:
- startup time was shortened with around 20-25% by not executing IronPython initial code. It will be executed anyway when you really want to write IronPython scripting Also the AppDomain code is not used in NaroCAD so was disabled from SCSF. There was an attempt to run in a multi-threaded manner but makes Naro to crash randomly as modules may not have been loaded in correct order.
- undo/redo exposes the list of events that are done and are disabled when no other item is in their side list
- if you close the active Help view, a crash may occur
- if you go to same help page you get a browser refresh. This in special was mostly annoying if you have a sound setup for refresh browser you will get the same sound over and over again. Right now only if page changes the page is loaded.
- constraint do not get transformation options. As constraints are not visual, the transformations changes are useless
- filtering in Objects' treeview. was broken when constraint code were added, so if you used a previous version SVN version of TreeView and you filter after a key, after first item was matching, all subsequent items were considered as matching. This is fixed too.
- save event do not work as Save As, but there is enabled the Save As action. Save will preserve the file name for the next saves. So you will not get the Save dialog over and over again
- autogrouping is done automatically after every line is drawn

With this fixes and improvements you will probably have the usage experience more pleasant.
Don't forget about Feedback sessions to make NaroCAD and your experience using it even better.

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