Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Migration from SVN to HG and what means to you

NaroCAD decided to go from SVN (Subversion) to HG (Mercurial) for some time. The first attempt was done around 3 months ago to see if is possible.

Mercurial is distributed versioning system and that means that developers work only on their branch and merge back their changes to the repositories as the "central" Sourceforge one. This will mostly mean that developers (as myself) will make their changes locally and when "the feature is ready", it will be submitted to the global repository.

Why is that important this to you? This will be great in matter of testing in general as committing in the central repository means a lot of times a lot of crashes that are not wanted. Some of them are done just in the last moment. Also will make developers to not spend too much time in balance how much will do refactors/rewrites that may be disruptive. If I will want to make a thing that may break things, it will be in my repository, on my machine, but it will not even enter as a part of nightly build.

In this way I will try to write an updated link how to build NaroCAD using HG that will be similar (but updated) from the previous build instructions from SVN.

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