Saturday, April 3, 2010

Turtoise is dead, long live Turtoise (preparing to move SVN to HG)

One of the part that the Solver refactor and improvements was the stability. One of the reason was that the internals of the solver were more integrated with NaroCAD modelling part.

The current way to change the design shows some problems of one repository. The solver changes make that the stability of NaroCAD to change the release day so we hope to do it Tuesday. bxtrx did rectangle to behave like rectangle2p and constraints gets more love. There is only a remaining big bug: as many constraints apply to one point, make that one or more (I see that none) to not apply to that point. I will have to investigate and reduce the cases of that bug.

Updates: most crashes are gone, and vertical and horizontal constraints should work with SVN version. So the release may be done Monday also.

Also NaroCAD is preparing to change from SVN to HG (Mercurial). The motivation change is that is more suited for opensource/free software way but more details will follow.

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