Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NaroCAD 1.4.2 released

If this release should have a name, should be "Constraint". It was a big change in the internals of the constraints that are applied live, per every attribute, automatically to make life easier.

Also other features you might want to use:
- rectangle is vastly improved to work as expected and there are horizontal and vertical line.
- face split feature (that you pick "islands" from multiple face drawn intersections) ca be disabled as it may make hard to find your original shape if is hidden under another face. Can be enabled under Options/Solver/
- there are geometric helpers under line: horizontal and vertical line that are more precise and also work as constraint geometry. Those lines can be also used for mirror line operations
- constraints are tested to work in multiple combination so may work that your point that is the source for a center of a circle to be both on a specific horizontal and a specific vertical line on the same moment. Also propagation count regenerates were tried to be reduced. bxtrx did a patch to regenerate using OCC (OpenCascade) regenerate AIS Shapes to OCC Context, instead of deleting and regenerating the shape again which may be felt as faster for some.

Hope you will enjoy it and you will wait to see more progress in usability and design tooling.

Download it from here.

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