Saturday, April 24, 2010

New WPF Grid Infrastructure

Property Grid component is fairly old in our code-base and is one component that was not ported to WPF when the rest of NaroCAD was moved. In fact slow but sure was also moved the Tree View and some nice changes were added to the WPF version of TreeView just in the last version released.
What changes are here in which will consist this change?
Firstly the controls will respect the MVC and the view will be separated from code that setup the model. This will may mean a lot of good things like: if under the same model shape can be picked three kind of controls (for example parallel line), right now is possible.
Another good thing is that code was nicely changed to not use a ViewGuard class, but simply to use: BeginUpdate(); ... EndVisualUpdate() or EndUpdate() depending if OpenCascade's view need to be updated or not.
So soon (in the next version that will be in around two weeks and a half) may be expected custom controls to be done for property grid.
A screenshot will follow as soon a more complete control is done.