Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Than One Central Repository Enabled

NaroCAD works with more repositories at once. This means mostly that final changes will be done in two repositories mostly: the "devel" one and the "stable" one and "stable" will reflect once at 2 of development weeks the content of "devel" after "devel" branch will reach the level of stability needed for preparing for making a release. After that the "stable" repository will get fixes for around a week and will make a release available. After this week of stabilizing work, the "stable" will be a start point for development for the next 3 weeks iteration.
Anyway, you are encouraged to take the devel branch as we as developers we will not work (that much) directly on it. We will also synchronize the devel branch only when we think that our feature is mostly complete or fully complete.
How you can get the source code on devel branch?
Install TurtoiseHg.
Pick from explorer the option of clone repository, and put as source address
for "devel" branch and
for "stable" branch.

After downloading the source you will have a working source code that will make to you to have a good starting point to understand how NaroCAD works.
There are also branches specially for development, as lordcip (mine, the most unstable), bxtrx and cristian (for our hard worker and ferocious QA and programmer). They are reflecting mostly up-to-date blog post when a feature is (said that is) implemented and you will want to get the "bleeding edge" of the NaroCAD development.

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