Thursday, April 22, 2010

NaroCAD 1.4.3 Released

NaroCAD 1.4.3. is released.

- This includes the first build changing the build environment from a central one (Subversion) to a distributed one (Mercurial),
- Lua shapes are drawn as a part of unit testing before installer is made, this means more stable builds,
- Output Debug Dialog gives meaningful information (that if you will want to develop on Naro framework),
- Tree-View gives more information and in a more meaningful way following references,
- Torus gets property grid description and not only,
- constraints for rectangle, circle and edge length are accessible in a separate Constraints tab,
- Box logic was made using rectangle as a base, instead the old NaroCAD rectangle,
- auto-face will get better working with arc of circle and not only,
- face split was disabled to make things more clear,
- bug fixing in more areas, including crashes found in older versions, crashes on updater and when activating auto-save for shapes that did not work right.

You may download this release from here.

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