Monday, December 7, 2009

Fixing Regressions

Latest developments did make some shapes/tools to not work. Hopefully that problems were addressed today. Some testing may be still needed, but the code is really close to previous exposed functionality.

To speedup launching of visual tools, I've made a dialog to launch visual modifiers. To launch them, you should press Control + Space from the SVN version (or wait for the next version).

Also, it was setup a Mercurial source tree for NaroCAD project in parallel with SVN. Using Mercurial may in future simplify cases like working in experimental features and branching. Mercurial is a distributed VCS which means that you can commit in your separate branch without depending on sourceforge for some time. To understand Mercurial, you may look to a very similar (but a bit more complex) system (Git) .

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