Monday, December 14, 2009

Looking for improving the Lua integration

NaroCAD have two level frameworks: model ones (high level functions to define shapes, tree of data interpreters/attributes, a document live-cycle with undo-redo) and a view one that is defined as a set of inputs/modifiers.
Lua right now works at the model level, so to make better integration it should be made as a modifier. For this there are two options: make a Lua only action that is defined, or one more intrusive that all actions will give descriptions to Lua working. The second approach is tricky for actions like: extrude that at their selves depends on other shapes, or for shapes that are not right defined restrictions. An extrude in itself right now it asks for a shape to be extruded, but the modifier creates an face that was clicked. I will have to think more for a proper design/solution.

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