Friday, December 4, 2009

Bug submit working again

With some advices from my brother and with some fuzzy work, bug submiting was fixed. So by this we highly encourage you to use the latest nightly version from here. Is not a perfect version but at least your annoyances can be submited, reviewed and fixed.

Note: today I also reviewed and fixed an annoyance of deselecting on editing component. Cleanup a bit (I will try to do more tomorrow) on modifiers. This cleanup mostly reduce bigger code and OCC code like with NaroCAD version. At the end the same OpenCascade is runned but the code of OpenCascade should be removed (as much as possible) from modifiers (to be easier to be done the fixing). Lua was enriched with some extra commands that were not wrapped (like pipe and revolve).
For example code in Arc action like:
var centerCoord = new OCgp_Ax2();
var circle = new OCgp_Circ(centerCoord, radius);
var edge = new OCBRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge(circle).Edge();
OCTopoDS_Wire circleWire = new OCBRepBuilderAPI_MakeWire(edge).Wire();
TemporaryShape = new OCAIS_Shape(circleWire);

Context.Display(TemporaryShape, true);

_temporary = new NodeBuilder(Document.Root, FunctionNames.Circle);
_temporary.Dependency[0].Axis3D = _axis;
_temporary.Dependency[1].Real = radius;
_temporary.Color = Color.Red;

I will cleanup tomorrow more of modifiers code and I will prepare for bug fixing in the next week.

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