Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last changes so far

All actions will be moved to a state-machine as presented before. All simple actions that require an axis, Point3d or a double value (like a circle require an axis that's the plane is on and the center and a range) will work. The actions that do use face/shape picking mostly crash. The reason is that there is not a simple step way to decide which shape/face is selected in current's Naro framework.
Those states will be exposed as command line with a similar with Lua scripting.

So for now are tested to work the next actions: Circle, Line, Rectangle. Working but crashing randomly are: Boolean operations, Cylinder, Cone. And with not (known) reason: Extrude.

Anyway: those actions are not exposed yet in a easy way for user so you will not be affected. Just if you want to enable the actions for now you have to explicitly activate via Control-Space.

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