Friday, May 22, 2009

Naro Starter, Updater and nightly build... all at once

Naro gets a lot of refinements from user perspective as NaroLinker.

Also, is much better to them to have the latest version updated silently. What do you need right now to start and test NaroCAD?

A small starting download of NaroStarter. NaroStarter do also environment checking on your machine (you still need to have preinstalled .Net 3.5!). Right now NaroStarter will check every time using a less than of kilo download if you are up-to-date, and if you aren't, it will download ONLY what was changed. So is even faster than downloading the installer file.

So as an user, you will only need a 100k download (excluding the big OpenCascade download and C++ Runtime SP1 if you don't have already download) and the rest will work silently to you. All parts using the update system can be changed. Means: updater itself, NaroStarter or any other file.

For developer was made a visual tool that do this, automatically that reads the setup installer script and compare differences with the current files. So excluding the upload time, the process is seamless both for devels and for users.

So, enjoy it!

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