Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reporting crashes automatically...

NaroCAD can have multiple causes of crashing like invalid inputs, external code (C++ OpenCascade code).

To make error reporting better, it was considered to make an automatically reporting application which would be user friendly and easy to be used.

The decision was that application should be outside the NaroCAD application because some crashes (mostly in OpenCascade part) will bring down .NET virtual machine. Also some crashes may be external (like not enough disk space, or your machine was going to shut down and there is no proper code to handle this, etc.).

The reporting application tries to get as much information about crash as possible. Some data are still not checked, like: not enough disk space, etc. Also, the internal logging of NaroCAD is archived easier to be sent. The bug reports are created automatically to SourceForge NaroCAD page with almost no user intervention.

A submitted bug can be found here.

This reporting tool will also offer the possibility to restart NaroCAD if the user wants that.

Special thanks to my twin brother about making the web code working and for coding this part much easier.

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