Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bug hunting (part 2)

- I had make Naro to not crash on ellipse (basic code) to close the bug I had do to test the bug submitter. bxtrx starts a lot of things after like doing real time... but is better for him to say them!
- Undo/Redo is a big non working component. The cause of it is that we had to make a tradeoff between performance and stored data. For this, the attributes attached to a node were not written as serialize data. As a side effect it brokes the undo/redo algorithm. Reviewing the node data, I found that was a bit over-engineer because it was wanted to get everything in a node and the code will be a bit simplified also.

So I prioritize higher the undo/redo bugs (and the things underneath) because I will have soon a break and I don't want to let things broken. Also, solving the bugs of Undo/Redo will mean that NaroCAD may be able to dump the scene to a file and from it to restore the whole scene.

The selection bug in Extrude is postponed because it is needed a new feature or a new design. As is right now there was some assumption on extrude, and they were that the shape is selected is a face. But you may want to select a face from a shape and there is no dirrect representation to it. A solution is to define a new shape that is generated from an older shape and a face index (to locate the face will be on extrude).

As it is related with the OCAF tree underneath, I moved to Undo/Redo which is the same infrastructure, to be bullet-proof and after that will be sure that we can work on Extrude to close the selection bug.

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