Friday, April 17, 2009

Reporting crashes automatically... (part II)

After some string conversions and after a lot of workarounds NaroCAD crash application will give as a bug report the application log. In the past the description text appear to end with invalid characters. This issue is also fixed.

Here is an working reported bug:

The most important remaining event changes are also logged:
- mouse clicks (mouse up and down)
- the shape generation code
- action changed (switching between draw line, zoom, etc.) making it easy to read the events that makes the crash to happen

For saving time and space, the log is compressed to zip. Also, after submitting the log file, the log is deleted so it will not give wrong guidance for the person that reads the log.

Note: if you are an user and you want to test NaroCAD, you should run NaroStarter which manages the start application, submit crash reporting and restart application for you. If you are a developer you should run NaroCAD application to be able to attach the debugger to the right application.

I will try today to complete the last bits of the line in 3D to work with the pipe attached to it.

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