Saturday, April 4, 2009

Closed Iteration 0.0.9

On the current iteration implemented the following tasks:

- unified the 2d and 3d actions and refactored the code to use pipes and filters,
- finished rebuilding the tree view logic to display references as child nodes,
- finished applying on the tree view the model tree changes,
- finished propagating tree modifications (parametric modeling for the new data tree),
- ported Action2D to work with multi click instead of dragging, also ported the code to pipes and filters,
- partially ported Action3D to work with multi click instead of dragging, task implemented 50%,
- extracted 2D actions drawing code to work in 3D (ex: drawing a line in 3D), task implemented 70%,
- added code that displays magic geometry calculated by a solver,
- stabilized code, solved bugs at the document model,
- added code that allows editing the drawn shape, after porting to pipes and filters there is more work needed to be done to enable this functionality, task made 50%,

Among the tasks that will be scheduled for the next iteration are:
- finish drawing 2d shapes in the 3d space,
- improve the extrude,
- finish action 3d with multi click,
- finish the edit mode at the Sketcher,
- make the geometric solver to work with the data tree.

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