Monday, May 25, 2009

Iteration 0.0.11 closed

Closed Iteration 0.0.11. Among the tasks finished during this Iteration:

- Added support for layers,
- Drawn rectangle in 3D,
- Made tests code for PropertyGrid, TreeView, GUI leakig tests,
- Stabilized the Extrude, it also works to Extrude the face of an Extrude,
- Stabilized Undo Redo,
- Stabilized the parametric modeling propagation,
- Implemented the NaroCad Linker that generates a reduced wrapper assembly that contain only the packages used in NaroCad.

For the next Iteration (Iteration 0.0.12) among the scheduled tasks are:
- Implement command line and possibility to execute command files, estimated 1-3 days,
- Move to 3D all the code that was implemented with 2D, this task also includes implementing a geometric solver and magic points drawer, edit mode for objects, estimated 1 week,
- Display intermediary info during drawing, like if an rectangle is drawn the point clicks can be changed during drawing, we will have to find a solution for this and make an estimation,
- Algorithm validation that verifies if the conditions to launch a tool are met or notifies user if something is wrong, estimate 2-4 days,

Lower priority tasks from the current Iteration:
- Implement the Cut, it takes 2-3 days,
- Stabilizing current code, bug fixing,
- Establish the API to be exposed to plugin developers, made some sample code for plugin developers - this should enable developers to use Naro as a platform, 2-5 days.
- Establish some shape drawing policy like: 4 lines can make a rectangle shape, or a closed shape policy.

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