Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cascade propagation last fixes

Propagating multiple extrudes works right now. (That means that modifying any parameter will update only the geometry affected and its dependencies)

Another crash is fixed due to what the dependency handling naro code will not crash in case one shape is invalid in a chain of dependencies.

Also the side effect of flickering updating all changes is done using a guard class (because IDisposable interface is not called in a predictable way, the user should explicitly call the view but in a much smaller way).

Combined with bxtrx fixes which improved the speed greatly, right now Naro is a much more pleasant application to use.


ytjun said...

Hi MiHai,
Thanks, this looks very good!
But is it support for Import/Export for Iges format ?

Best Regards!

bxtrx said...

Hi ytjun,

Currently we made some major changes at the application and we work at stabilizing it. Iges support is not scheduled for implementation in the next following months although we might have someone interested to build the wrappers with Iges support, maybe he will implement them sooner.

Best regards,

entery said...

Hi MiHai,

Did you get my mail?

Best regards

bxtrx said...

Hi enetry,

I got your email also the emails that you exchanged with my colleague. I will answer you in a few moments.

Best regards,