Thursday, May 28, 2009

Command line working

Command line is a working component. Every command interface with NaroCAD events and are transparently sent. Also, all known bugs are fixed

It comes with possibility to manage history, code completion based with biggest common prefix.

So, if in future will be two commands: subshape and subface, writing 's', right now it will offer to you all commands that start with s, pressing space, considering that are this only these two commands, command text will complete to 'sub', the biggest common prefix, pressing s (so your word is 'subs' right now) and again space, will complete to you as subshape. Also, as is shown in screenshot, every param is bolded to be obvious the type expected for your param. Every command that succeed will be saved to history.

Also, small remaining bugs like finishing all shapes, or to not select the last shape created, were fixed. Also, a bug regarding that you've got a not so clear error message when you input an invalid parameter is already fixed. So enjoy using it for big automation tasks.

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