Sunday, May 10, 2009

Iteration 0.0.10 closed

Closed Iteration 0.0.10. Among the tasks finished during this iteration:

- reviewed the data tree functionality, found and solved two bugs at it,
- made the Extrude work with clicks, enabled extrusion on extrusion, added code that makes a temporary extrusion when the user moves the mouse and when finished saves the model in the data tree, fixed some of the Extrude bugs, made some fixes at propagating the parametric modeling dependencies,
- reviewed and fixed the manipulation tools (global panning, dynamic panning, dynamic zooming, dynamic rotation, etc). Made them work with clicks instead of dragging,
- made a test framework for OpenCascade code, made nUnit test codes for adding and removing objects form the view, test for displaying a node from the data tree, test for property grid,
- made code improvements at the PropertyGrid descriptors (code that displays on the grid the data from the data tree), more work needed at improving the data validity check,
- found and investigated a problem: it seems that at mouse move over objects in the tree or on the OCC view the number of allocated GDI objects increases very much and when reaching the maximum allowed limit for the thread the application crashes. This is also the cause of some Extrude crashes.

Will start Iteration 0.0.11. The first and the most important task scheduled on this iteration is fixing the GDI leaking. Looked for this problem on older versions of the application and it seems that it appeared also at these versions only that during time the leaking increased from 20 objects per mouse move to 300 objects.

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